Python Analytics

For my not German speaking trading friends I keep this page in English.
By Python & Pandas I analyse the data of the main indizes DAX, FTSE, NASDAQ, and DOW/DIA.  

I connect my python code with the trading platform MetaTrader 5 (and my broker) and get the historical data from there. I write that data in pandas dataframes and do the analysis within there and get my stats from there as well. 

Here you get e.g. the weekly, daily and hourly change in percent from the DAX. The Python-Scripts are run on a server by cronjobs and update this website.

We start with the DAX as this site is unter construction. (14.11.2022)

DAX weekly change from 1.1.2021

DAX daily change from 1.1.2022

DAX hourly change from 1.1.2022

What’s that good for? This data is my starting point of any trading strategy. If e.g. in a trading session we have a spike of 300 points a check the day or hour or minute when this occured in the past and then I check what happened next, what happened the next minute, the next 10 minutes, the next hour, the next day. This offers a better probability of trading profitable.

This is an example of data analysis. If you deal with different kind of data and need any statistics just let me know.