Warrent Tracker

If one needs to understand the price movement of a warrant this will help.

This link queries a DB filled by an every 30min croned python script to log the details of a given warrent list (actually hard coded list in the .py). The warrant data is fetched every 30 minutes from the banks product website using python & pandas.

This way I watch the behaviour of the greeks as it’s much too complicated and time consuming to open all the product pages from the bank several times a day and making notes of the greeks and all the changes. 

Or just/better go to https://www.warrent-tracker.de

If you like to have your own ISINs logged to watch them let me know.

Query all warrants details

Query all ISINs tracked in DB

Query details of one seperate ISIN (from the list you can get with the link above, copy & paste it below):

– Get results in the same frame
– Add Moneyness (distance from actual price to strike)
– Create the app for android smartphones to get it all on the way.